Friday, July 24, 2009


Last night, for the first time, a mama moose and her baby came to call. It was a gloomy, stormy, summer evening. The great dark hulk of a mother moose simply appeared outside my window like an apparition, a tiny baby at her side. I quietly went out on my deck. I made no effort to get my camera. I didn’t want anything coming between this incredible moment and myself. I didn’t want to be distracted from the experience in any way.

The pair was not more than twenty feet from where I stood, the mother quietly watching me as she munched the clover in my lawn. I have never been this close to a moose, nor would one want to be under normal circumstances. There is nothing more dangerous than a mother moose. But, these were special circumstances. The moose had come in peace and I was somewhat protected by my deck rail. I was greatly impressed by her size. We all know moose are big but until you see one so close you don’t really appreciate just how big. No other word but majestic would serve to describe her.

I spoke softly to them, welcoming them to my sanctuary. I always do this when I encounter wild visitors. Seldom do they run away as one might expect. The moose were no different. The mother just lifted her great head for a moment and then went back to munching. The baby looked at me with curiosity and snuggled closer to its mother.

Eventually, they wandered down the hill to the fruit trees. The mama stopped at a cherry tree and rose up to snatch a few. I called out “Not my cherries mama!” She immediately dropped down and the two slowly walked into the forest and disappeared.

Although, this was a first as far as moose are concerned such precious moments are not uncommon at my sanctuary. But, each time they do I am overwhelmed by my good fortune to the point of tears. This time was no different. Seven years later and I still cannot believe anyone gets to live like this. I think Eden was not destroyed. It still exists and I am living in it.

I followed the ravens and they led me to this place. I give thanks every day that I chose to listen. I have truly found my home.

©Kinsey Barnard